Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pharmacy Compounding Facility in Texas

Bernstein & Associates, Architects is pleased to announce that it has been hired to design another privately-owned, pharmacy compounding facility, this one in Texas.

This compounding suite will be designed to conform to USP 795 and USP 800, and will include both hazardous compounding and non-hazardous compounding. It will be part of a larger retail pharmacy, also being designed by our company.

Pharmacy Compounding Facility Design is a specialty of pharmacy architect Bernstein & Associates, Architects.

These services have been offered by the firm for over 25 years to both hospital pharmacies and private compounding facilities.

For further information about Pharmacy Compounding Facility Design,

Below is a standard suite of Pharmacy Compounding Facility Design Services commonly provided by our firm. The list can be expanded or reduced, depending on client/project requirements.

Pharmacy Compounding Facility Development

Pharmacy architect Bernstein & Associates, Architects recommends that at the outset of each project, that we sit down with the client and identify project goals, including clinical priorities, budget, schedule and phasing (if any). Equipment planning services offered in this phase include:
Initial Strategy and Program Meeting
Develop Equipment Master Plan. Addressing Clinical Priorities, Budget, Schedule and Phasing
Technology Assessment
Develop Overall Equipment Plan

Assess Existing Pharmacy Compounding Equipment

A common requirement in the development of an Equipment Plan is to evaluate the current equipment. Pharmacy architect Bernstein & Associates, Architects audits existing equipment systems, to evaluate what should be kept in service (and for how long) vs. what should be replaced. Existing equipment assessment services include the following:
Identify Master List of Existing Equipment
On Site Evaluation of Each Equipment Item
Evaluate Condition/Functionality of Equipment
Make Recommendation for Maintain or Replace Existing Equipment

Development of Pharmacy Compounding Facility Plans

During this phase Bernstein & Associates, Architects develops the design of the pharmacy compounding facility. Once the initial design concept is approved, construction documents are developed which allow the project to be: submitted to client for approval, submitted to landlord for approval, and submitted to building department for approval

Pharmacy Compounding Facility Services During Construction

During this phase, pharmacy architect Bernstein & Associates, Architects monitors the job for conformance to the drawings and specs, reviews and responds to Requests for Information (RFI's), submittals and shop drawings, and attends job site meetings and does walk throughs of the construction site.

Pharmacy Compounding Facility Project Close Out

Bernstein & Associates, Architects oversees the successful close out of the project including:
a.) warranties
b.) as-built drawings
c.) final release of lien
d.) maintenance and operations manuals
e.) all close outs from DOB and other agencies
f.)  all overages
g.) completion of all punchlist items

About Bernstein & Associates, Architects (

Bernstein & Associates, Architects has specialized in healthcare and lab design, equipment planning and construction since the firm's founding in 1990. This architecture firm is well-known for pharmacy compounding facility planning, pharmacy compounding facility design and pharmacy construction, and has designed over (35) pharmacy compounding facilities in the last 10 years, which have included USP 797 compliant pharmacy design and construction. The firm's principal --- William N. Bernstein, AIA --- is a well-known architect of pharmacies. He has written extensively on pharmacy design and construction including USP 797 compliant pharmacies.

USP 800 compliant pharmacy design is also a specialty of Bernstein & Associates, Architects. The firm currently has (11) projects in the design and construction phase designed to comply with USP 800.

A new article on the architectural design of USP 800 compliant pharmacies was published in Health Facilities Management. The article can be found here:

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