Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hospital Design Expert Witness Services

Attorneys who litigate cases involving hospital design are increasingly obtaining their expert witness services for hospital design from Bernstein & Associates, Architects

Recent Hospital Design Cases Where Expert Witness Services have been provided include: a Medical Office Building in Brooklyn, NY; an Acute Care Hospital in Greenville, North Carolina; a Dialysis Center in New York, NY, an Acute Care Hospital in Charlotte, NC, and an Outpatient Surgery Center in Long Island, NY.

The Hospital Design Expert Witness division of Bernstein & Associates, Architects offers a full range of expert analysis and expert witness services related to hospital design and hospital design. The hospital design expert witness services provided by Bernstein & Associates, Architects include hospital design expert witness analysis, hospital design expert witness report, and hospital design expert witness testimony on: hospital design archive records, hospital design building codes, hospital design change orders, hospital design code and standards research, hospital design codes, hospital design bid documents, hospital design contract documents, hospital design contract drawings, hospital design cost estimates, hospital design depositions, hospital design drawing exhibits, hospital design drawings, hospital design expert report, hospital design expert reports, hospital design field conditions, hospital design hospital design fire-rated design assemblies, hospital design industry standards, manufacturer's project, hospital design meeting minutes, hospital design payment requests, hospital design progress schedules, hospital design project files, hospital design project file documents, hospital design submittal logs, hospital design technical investigations, and hospital design technical reports.

Hospital design expert William N. Bernstein, LEED®AP, PMI, CSI, AIA is the President of Bernstein & Associates, Architects and the head of its hospital design expert witness division. Mr. Bernstein is a well-known expert in hospital design, and leads a team of licensed architects, engineers and contractors with an average of twenty years experience in the expert witness industry. Bernstein & Associates, Architects provides a comprehensive hospital design expert witness solution for design and design industry cases.

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