Saturday, September 4, 2010

Emergency Department Design Trends

Emergency Department Design Trends - New Article to be Published

Well known hospital architecture firm Bernstein & Associates, Architects is pleased to announce the publication of an article on current emergency department (ED) design trends. Topics discussed include:

- Trends in ED patient type and volume.
- How to start the ED design process.
- The impact of built-in design flexibility on ED longevity and quality of care.
- Different types of ED layouts.
- Advantages of “linear” and “pod” ED layouts.
- Prerequisites for a successful pod layout.
- Trends towards standardized exam rooms and “flexible-use planning”.
- Trends away from departmentally dedicated spaces within the ED.
- How to design and equip a flexible-use exam room.
- Specialties which need individualized spaces.
- Pre-admission rooms and pre-release observation units.
- The basics of Lean design guidelines.
- How to perform a pre-design Lean analysis.
- Advantages of optimizing workflow as the first step of the design process.
- Input required for a successful Lean analysis.
- The importance of minimizing cross-traffic and walking distances.
- The importance of promoting patient calm and comfort.
- The balance between visibility and patient privacy.
- Lighting considerations.
- Shielding of entryways for ambulance patients.
- Designing family and visitor-friendly exam rooms.
- The importance of proper technology selection.
- Self-service kiosks for registration and other purposes.
- The advantages of wireless PC technology linked to the ED network.
- The use of RFID tags and scanners to track patients and instantly update records.
- Importance of designing for possible disaster capacity scenarios.
- Inclusion of multiple entry portals for disaster situations.
- Isolated entrances for contaminated patients.
- Independent power and water systems.
- Engineering and support “modules” to enable more effective quarantine.
- Requirement for air-isolation rooms.
- Using waiting and parking spaces as care spaces in dire situations.

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