Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mobile Hospital Design

Mobile Hospital Design - New Article to be Published

Designing Mobile Hospitals

Bernstein & Associates, Architects is pleased to announce the publication of an article on design challenges and strategies for mobile hospitals, including hospital trailers, hospital ships or hospital boats, and airborne hospitals or hospital planes. Topics discussed include:

-Advantages and limitations of trailer-based facilities
-Designs to maximize patient capacity, operational efficiency, and organization in trailer hospitals
-Future large mobile hospitals comprised of specialized multi-trailer units
-Advantages and limitations of marine hospital platforms
-Changing roles of hospital ships
-Optimal size and hull design for a hospital ship
-The importance of near-shore anchoring and river navigation capability for hospital boats
-Utilization of a tent-based hospital shore facility to improve patient capacity
-Use of compartmentalization to decrease hospital ship deployment time and increase functionality
-Air handling and stability concerns pertaining to hospital ships
-Advantages and limitations of airborne hospitals and/or hospital planes
-Design differences between general care and specialty airborne hospitals
-Organizations of rooms within these hospitals planes
-Strategies to use limited fuselage space effectively in a hospital plane
-Security concerns for a hospital plane
-Managing the aircraft's center of gravity
-Air handling mechanisms to fight hospital infections
-The need for increased renal care capacity in all types of mobile hospitals
-Selecting equipment for a mobile hospital based on space and weight limitations
-The importance of carrying all hospital equipment necessary for basic mobile hospital operation
-The educational value of mobile hospitals
-How mobile hospitals can improve the quality of care for patients they do not directly treat
-Examples of mobile hospitals which have had success in the past, and analysis of the strategies which contributed to their success

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