Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hospice Interior Design – New Hospice Opens, Interior Design by Bernstein & Associates, Architects (

A new hospice has opened in New York, with interior design by Bernstein & Associates, Architects ( Hospice interior design services provided by Bernstein & Associates, Architects included design and specification of all interior lighting, millwork, finishes, colors, finishes, furniture and artwork. The hospice design scope included the private hospice bedrooms, hospice sitting areas, and hospice bathrooms. Public hospice spaces designed include hospice reception, hospice great room, and hospice dining room. Additional hospice program areas designed include a hospice spa and hospice study areas. Hospice design and construction components include: hospice flooring materials, hospice wall coverings and hospice finishes, hospice hardware, hospice tile layout, hospice kitchen and hospice panty areas, hospice plumbing fixtures, hospice window treatment design and fabric selection, hospice bedding fabrics, hospice furniture, hospice equipment, hospice lighting fixtures, hospice furniture, and hospice color scheme. This state-of-the-art hospice promises to be a leading example of hospice planning and hospice design when complete. The hospice movement is an important part of the continuum of health care services in our society, and Bernstein & Associates, Architects was pleased to have been chosen as the interior designer of this new hospice building.

About Healthcare Interior Design by Bernstein & Associates, Architects: Healthcare Interior design is a specialty of Bernstein & Associates, Architects. Since the firm’s inception, it has provided the highest level of healthcare interior design, with additional expertise in interior design of sustainable healthcare facilities, energy saving measures for healthcare facilities, cost reduction strategies for healthcare facilities, healthcare safety and patient safety.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pharmacy Equipment Planning Commission Awarded to Bernstein & Associates, Architects (

Pharmacy Equipment Planning Commission Awarded to Bernstein & Associates, Architects (

Bernstein & Associates, Architects, is pleased to announce that it has been selected to provide pharmacy equipment planning for a new hospital pharmacy. Pharmacy equipment planning services will include: pharmacy equipment survey, pharmacy equipment planning, pharmacy equipment planning, pharmacy equipment documentation, and pharmacy equipment procurement.

The pharmacy project is a complete new pharmacy. The project includes all new ISO 7 anteroom, ISO 7 hazardous compounding room, and ISO 7 non-hazardous compounding room. The facility is a state-of-the-art pharmacy that includes the latest pharmacy automation equipment.

About Pharmacy Equipment Planning at Bernstein & Associates, Architects (

Bernstein & Associates, Architects has a national reputation in pharmacy design, including USP 797 compliant pharmacy design. Amongst the firm’s pharmacy design services are pharmacy equipment planning, pharmacy planning, pharmacy design, and pharmacy construction. The firm's principal --- William N. Bernstein, AIA --- is a well known architect of pharmacies. He has written extensively on pharmacy design and construction including USP 797 compliant pharmacies. Mr. Bernstein's USP 797 articles can be found on the USP 797 website Mr. Bernstein’s pharmacy design work has been published in Healthcare Facilities Management, Hospital Newspaper and the pharmacy design website
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About USP 797 (
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Ambulatory Surgery Design Commission Awarded to Hospital Architect Bernstein & Associates, Architects (

Ambulatory Surgery Design Commission Awarded to Hospital Architect Bernstein & Associates, Architects (

Hospital architecture firm Bernstein & Associates, Architects ( has been hired to design a new, state-of-the-art, ambulatory surgery department at a prominent hospital in Brooklyn.

The surgical suite shall be divided according to surgical design guidelines into three designated areas: unrestricted, semi-restricted, and restricted --- as defined by the physical activities performed in each area.

Ambulatory surgery diagnostic and treatment facilities will include: ambulatory surgery examination room, ambulatory surgery procedure suite, pre-procedure patient holding area, post-procedure recovery positions, and phase II recovery.

Ambulatory surgery clinical support areas will include: nurse or control station, medication distribution station, soiled workroom, equipment and supply storage, anesthesia equipment and supply storage.

Support areas for patients will include patient change areas, patient lounge, patient lockers, and patient toilet facilities.

Public and administrative areas will include: reception, waiting space, interview space and multipurpose room.

Support areas for ambulatory surgery staff will include staff clothing change areas, staff lounge, staff toilet facilities, and staff shower.

About Hospital Architect Bernstein & Associates, Architects:

Hospital architecture firm Bernstein & Associates, Architects ( is known for innovative hospital planning, hospital design, hospital architecture and hospital interior design.

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